Home and smart homes. Here are a couple matters; this is the way I suggest that could be accomplished.

Put into a pond that has a reflective ceramic underside and is full of water of 2-3 inches thickness out side of the home on the East side. The sun appears and reflects the water off on a facet of the home that has a convex/concave lenses shaped glass facing 30 levels within an over hang off the home. On the opposite side of this lens enclosed is a rotating shaft where the atmosphere is heated.

The cover of the roof onto the interior of the shaft is at a 45 degree angle, so as the water warms it follows the roof line down the opposite side of the home through little wheels at every floor supplying power and directing your own mini-hydro pumps. The sunlight coming up on the water is reflected raising your solar energy by 2.5 because you mentioned and can be further magnified by the lens . The atmosphere at Piermont Grand EC remains warm in the daytime and the water roiling down is utilized for heating, and power for light, etc..

Another innovation for this particular undertaking is to utilize those tiny spheres ceramic coated beads, which seem like ball bearings seem like glistening golf balls at a room around the lens region, so at night that they could pay the lens and keep the warmth in, these are enclosed in a pain of glass covering the lens window. As a result of tiny amount of moving components along with also the pure physics and mechanical nature of the without adding any complexity, it needs to be trouble free indefinitely pretty much.

The only other method I could see this working would be to utilize a”U” shaped water pool using a membrane inside onto one end, then falling in 1 side focused crystal layers, which could entice the water beyond the membrane and this water to the 1 side increasing the water level then utilizing that elevated level to return into the other side through little hydro-pumps. The membrane might be readily assembled something like a tempered solute mono coating in a lower level of the home and the rest of the heated water proceeds up in a heating cloud that would cool afterwards and supply greater hydro once the temperature chilled at the surface of the shaft of the tower. I don’t feel this can’t do the job.

The pond in night would also offer a beginning point for your heating and permit you to use less electricity to get hot water consumption and pops at the home, giving you a head start of about 100 levels since heating is generally the very energy intensive.

1 final thought, the spinning wheels might be attached into a sound machine developing a hi-pitched noise, focusing the sound wave into a steel tank full of helium, and the helium warmed up the molecules could bounce off each other creating friction and heat to generate steam to super control the atmosphere in winter inside the base of the tower in case the pond became chilled over. Also it’s a great method to create extra energy to heating the atmosphere, with fans on peak of the tower you’d have the ability to heat the home also by blowing off the heat into flooring vents you spoke about.

Mathematically this is feasible, according to a post I read at Modern Solar Magazine concerning the 2.5 times growth of solar power of Alpha and Beta particles in water manifestation. Just some ideas on the design of an energy efficient residence and it is layout. The house itself provided that constructed efficiently would not have any difficulty being almost any form you want. Tri-level would be ideal for my design, though it doesn’t matter just as much the exterior form.